Monday 19 January 2015

I Must Be Mad !

My order from Irregular Miniatures arrived promptly this morning (excellent mail order service !) , it contained figures for my 3 battalions of Papal Line Infantry . The only problem is that the Papal Line units had fringed epaulettes on their great coats and Irregulars figure doesn't have them ! - soooo  I've got to add them using 'Green Stuff', that's at total of 120 epaulettes for the 3 battalions ! Hmmm !

Well I've got the first unit done and will get them sprayed up tomorrow - weather permitting . The Line infantry have quite a natty uniform - an iron-grey greatcoat , red trousers and different coloured epaulettes for the grenadiers, voltigeurs and fusiliers so should look good when finished .


  1. Should look great when finished! I really like the look of those Irregular figures.

  2. Poor man - absolutely barking.

    You are possessed of a noble madness Sir.

  3. Doffed hats to your dedication!