Friday, 24 June 2022

Push 'n lead ! (2)

On the Treborian left flank the British Legione gallantly charge through the wood line and drive off the enemy infantry . 

And to make matters worst on the right the Ferraro Rocherian attack is halted .

To save a disaster King Paul relocates the artillery to prop up the right and sends the Mounted Gendarmes to charge the enemy infantry .

Disaster ! - the Treborian Reservists bravely stand their ground and massacre the cavalry !.

The victories Treborians roll up the left flank . 

The Ferraro 'Soldatii de Furtuna' move forward to try and save the situation but with only the Reservists holding their ground on the left King Paul II calls for a general retreat and is lucky to get away, as the Treborian General is happy to let them go ! . A great game, the Treborian's won both of the flank actions and King Paul II never really got his act together in the center . Once more 'A Gentleman's War' delivers ! 



  1. Marvelous! And it sounds like all of the participants had an enjoyable time! (Always best, esp in solo games!)

  2. A wonderful battle from start to finish Tony! Very well done indeed!

  3. Great game. Excellent terrain and figures for wonderful old school look. I will have to try the rules they sound like fun.

  4. A Gentleman's War are a brilliant , easy to play and fun set of rules .

  5. Glad to see your enjoying your 'Gentlemans War' - great set up and figures.

  6. A solo toy soldier game with that classic look: a win: win!