Wednesday 11 May 2022

Who is Mr Rignald ?

I can at times get a bit sentimental about some of the old figures I buy second hand off Ebay , I wonder who owned them what gaming history they have , where they precious and well played with or languished in a box and just sold on without thought ? . I bought these 3 figures mainly for the roadworker with the shovel who reminded me of an old chap I knew when I started work on Westmorland County Council Roads & Bridges Dept. in 1970 .The Priest will be appearing on the tabletop as Father Brown, an amateur sleuth . The middle chap I had no plans for - I think he's a Britains Zoo Keeper which somebody has painted a red sash over his shoulder .

On further investigation I found he has a sticker applied to his base with 'Mr Rignald' written on it in  ink !? - I wonder who bothered to do this and what was the significance of it and why the added red sash  - who was Mr Rignald ????




  1. An intriguing mystery but one doomed to remain so, I imagine!

  2. What a splendid discovery--reminds me of when I found a charming hand drawn caricature tipped inside a used book. I still speculate about what the story behind it may be (and why it was in that book).

    1. I do like dedications in second hand books - gives them character.

  3. You highlight another wonderful aspect of our hobby Tony, all the questions and mysteries that come along with every purchase of an old toy soldier! I try to picture them waiting under the Christmas tree and the fortunate child unwrapping them for the first time! Oh what joy that must have been those many years ago, and it still is for us as we discover them wherever they may now be!

  4. For some reason , with the sash and uniform, Mr. Rignald could be some sort of collaborator or puppet authority figure. Nice little group.

  5. Nice figures and an intriguing mystery, like the father Brown figure, very nice indeed!

  6. Lovely figures and what an intriguing little mystery! Well worth the purchase Tony