Sunday 27 September 2020

Lord of the Rings objective markers .

Back to wargaming articles - these objective markers have been half finish for months so when I returned from holiday I thought "I'll get these finished!" . The first one is a dwarf  siting by a campfire , it's an old Gimli casting slightly converted (he was sat on a dead Orc)  and the rocks are yellow foam cut up and coated before painting .

Here we have a beacon , again yellow foam cut to size and the fuel is match sticks cut up and painted .

A camp fire with a store of weapons (left a bit near that fire I think !) . The weapons are some plastic ones that have been collected in my bits box over the years and have finally got used .

Buried treasure tht somebody has been digging up ! - again odds and sods from the bit box . Since I started playing LOTRs again I realised a lot of the scenarios in the rules need objective markers to capture etc so this has spurred me on to get these done - just took longer than I thought .



  1. Great models Tony. They'll look splendid on your games table.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks , a bit of 'messing around' but enjoyable as a change .

  3. Very nice. I love the camp fire scene with Gimli smoking his pipe.

  4. A splendid set of objective markers which will look good on the tabletop.