Wednesday 5 June 2019

Clash on the Glavna cesta , a AGW battle (part one)

My wargaming colleague 'A' and I are going to play a series of 3 linked AGW games , the result of one leading to the next scenario . Game one is an encounter between two advance guard forces meeting whilst moving down a border road between Treboria and Ferraro Rocher . 

'A' sent me a 40 point force for Treboria - 2 Dragoon units , a Horse Artillery gun , 2 infantry units , a detachment of Sharpshooters and a unit from the famed British Legione . Here we see the first elements of his force entering the table.

I chose 40 points for Ferraro Rocher , 2 units of Hariboan Lancers , 2 units of Mounted Gendarmes and 3 units of Infantry . The cavalry move onto my end of the table.

'A' has a 'Mad Scientist' with a 'Infernal Device' as a Cameo appearance.

I drew 'Oscar Wilde' ! 

My leading unit of Lancers (which are classed as swift) with the addition of a Ace card managed to move twice and deploy well in advance of the rest of my forces (the old pennies denote that the units have activated) , part two of the battle to follow soon ……….


  1. The units are looking very splendid marching across the tabletop.

    1. Yes they are on the newly purchased road sections .