Thursday 12 April 2018

Russian WW1 Pilot.

My faith in humanity has been reinforced  , I ordered the above figure of a Russian Pilot of the First World War off EBay from a Ukrainian model shop (?) . It was rather cheap for a 54mm figure and a very unusual subject for my collection of WW1 Airmen , Hmm ! I thought ! will I ever receive it ? - well it was cheap and I would be covered by EBay so I ordered it . Well five weeks later it has arrived and it's rather beautiful, polished and washed black and looks very nice , I was going to paint it but I think I will leave it as it is .The shop is - Hobby-Hata and can be found on EBay -  has lots of very unusual figures and kits .


  1. Nice find...there are some great 54mm figures available from Eastern Europe.

  2. A very nice 54mm Pewter Figurine - just the style for display. I have a pewter 'King Arthur' - the Figurine lives in a glass cabinet on display- very nice momento from our visit to Glastonbery.

    1. I'm being strict with my collecting - I only collect WW1 pilot figures so I don't come across them very often .

  3. Nice subject and beautiful figure, lovely pose!