Thursday 22 March 2018

Major Shandy's Covert Mission . (Parte The First)

The French are besieging the town of Namur and have billeted their troops in the surrounding villages , Mother Ross senses there is a profit to be made is supplying both sides will luxuries - at a very inflated price!. The philosopher Voltaire is attending the siege to record it for his history of the war ( Une Histoire de la Guerre Actuelle)  ( sadly now out of print and hard to find) . Mother Ross has brought him a supply of his favourite drinking chocolate and is somewhat alarmed by Voltaire's offer !?.

She is relieved and intrigued to find it is a large mortar which is deployed in an earthwork and is causing heavy damage to the besieged town . She thinks this information would be of great use to the Allies (for a price) and departs to find Major Shandy .

She arranges to meet him and finds him with his faithful hound 'Charlie' and his Batman Corporal Trim and although he is  sceptical she tells him she knows a path that will lead them unseen to the enemy held village where they can blow up the mortar and the powder store . 

Mother Ross describes the village and pinpoints the salient features and that the battery is garrisoned by the Regiment Du Roi  which is billeted in the various houses and out buildings of the village .

The Allied Commanders meet to plan the attack , a force of Grenadiers will be used supported by a unit of Jaegers and Horse . General 'Jung Fritz' Swartenberg will command with Major Shandy as Second in Command .

The Royal Irish Grenadiers will lead the attack and in the dead of night he expedition sets off . Too be continued ..........


  1. Bravo—I shall tether my hobbyhorse and await the next installment!

  2. Great to see Shandy and Trim back in action.

  3. Nice lead into a game; speech bubbles are brill