Wednesday 21 December 2016

A Skulking Way Of War.

I haven't got all the figures paint yet for this project but I decided to have a go with what I have ready. The British force - Captain Morgan and 8 men of the 60th Royal Americans , Lt Featherstone with 6 men of Gage's Light Infantry and 4 frontiersmen .

The French force - Captain Camembert  and 8 men of the Regiment Rousillon and 13 Red Indian allies. The French mission is to get half their force from one side of the board to the other , the British is to prevent this.

The Royal Americans under Capt. Morgan advance through the heavily wooded terrain . As I was playing solo I diced for the entry positions of the various groups and drew cards - red for British , black for the French to activate the units .

Two of the Frontiersmen creep forward cautiously .

The British fire a volley at some hidden Frenchmen - killing one .

The Redskins dash forward to break through the British line .

The 'Long Carbine' speaks !

A quick update on my wet palette , it seems to be working very well and apart from a accidental spillage of grey paint is very satisfactory . The only thing I've noticed is that certain colours ( mainly metallic )seem to need stirring as the pigments separate somewhat .


  1. Replies
    1. Those Mini Figs have stood the test of time I think ! , Tony

  2. I am always surprised by your ability to get stuff on the table so quickly Tony. Well done.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes! very quick and easy to play - the British won - sort of game you set up and play again straight away, Tony