Sunday 16 October 2016

Fruits of my Labours.

Using the absence of my wife and dog at agility training (the dog being agile not my wife) - home casting is not helped with the presence of a bouncy dog ! - I thought I'd try out my new moulds . The first thing I had to do was take my gas cooker to pieces and clean the jets as I've not used it in the last six months , but I soon got into the swing of things .

I cut vents into the moulds to allow the metal to reach the ends of the rifles before I started . These moulds are some of the original Holger Erikson ones and pretty old, but I must admit I prefer these as they are full of character and cast easily .

I got these done very quickly and without any miss-casts - the Goddess of Home Casting smiled on me today ! . Now to get them cleaned up , based and undercoated.


  1. That looks fun - one day I must have a go!

  2. Good work..... hope to see them painted soon for their "skulking way of war."

    1. Busy painting figures for somebody else at the moment , but I'm going to slot them in next week . Tony

  3. Replies
    1. They have a certain style which the modern ones don't, Tony

  4. They have come out of the mould very well and no mis-casts, Tony

  5. Tony,
    Gosh- good going there with the 40mm Castings. I'll probably be doing some casting of 54mm down the track- perhaps a British Edwardian Contingent - as you have done earlier on with Prince August Moulds. Cheers. KEV.