Friday 2 September 2016

The Dreaded Re-basing .

I was preening myself thinking I had almost finished off my Napoleonic collection when I get my final Austrians painted , then I remembered that my Bavarians were still on the old single bases . Overcome with guilt I thought it would be a worthy thing to get them re-based .

Having re-based the whole of my Austrian and French forces I have worked out the best method to remove the pennies that they were mounted on (they were going to be a single model Old School project , but I've decided to use 'Black Powder' rules instead) by fastening them in the vice and tapping CAREFULLY on the edge of the penny which loosens the glue and you can twist the figure off .

The figures de-based and only hit my finger once ! .

Gluing them onto the bases . The Bavarians in 1809 used a different regimental organisation to the French of four companies - so two bases per company , to the right my half eaten lunch not an nasty accident ! .

I also found a Austrian cavalry General which will get painted up when I have finish off my Austrian Infantry which are nearly completed .

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