Thursday 4 February 2016

O.S. Franco - Prussian War Playsheet.

I've been trying to sort out a crib sheet for the Donald Featherstone Horse and Musket Rules I use for my Spencer Smith FPW figures and 'A' called round the other night to test out some modifications I've been toying with . This is the latest playsheet - which makes sense to me but not necessarily other people . I've made the Prussian artillery slightly more efficient and toned down the number of casualties . 

I have used a simpler Hand to Hand and a modified morale system . My units are 20 infantry figures plus 2 officers and 10 cavalry and 2 officers , guns have crews of 5 figures ( I ignore morale for artillery crews - it's was just easier ) . The basic rules are of course the classic ones from Featherstone's 'War Games'.

A photo of our test game in progress - note 'A' has not removed his coat - my wargaming room is renowned for it less that balmy temperatures - although the rumours that the British Antarctic Expedition used it are a training ground are unfounded !.

A French gun and crew take aim , Spencer Smith 30mm figures. (click on photos to enlarge).


  1. I have already copied them ready to use, thanks. I do have a copy of his 19C rules Newsletter vintage but the only real difference so far is Lights can split move. ie move forward 1/2 move, fire, and return to starting place.

    I love the table, anyway it was a lot colder back in the sixties. I suggest a can of Double Diamond for warmth.


    1. They are very much a work in progress, if there is anything missed I tend to go back to the original rules in the book, Tony

  2. Interesting rules and i really like the black and white photo.

    1. The photo is a bit of homage to the 'Featherstone' era, Tony