Tuesday 23 June 2015

Terminator - Bits And Pieces.

Getting on well with suitable bits of scenery for my 'Terminator' game, some MDF ruins off EBay and a few oil drums from my 'Necromunda collection revamped .

I also got 3 toy cars from our local 'Pound Shop' to use as terrain pieces and I suitably distressed them .

I fixed them to bases and added 'Tetrion' filler and various bits of debris , glued some sand over it and sprayed it black.

I then dry brushed it dark brown and high lighted with a lighter shade . I also added a bit of wear and tear to the car models.

Have started painting the miniatures - here are 3 of the 'Terminator' machines .

Here are 3 of the human resistance fighters . The figures are plastic and come with separate arms which can be clipped onto the bodies (I glued mine) , these are painting up really quickly so I'll soon be ready for a game . 


  1. Good work....those cars do look pretty distressed.

    1. I normally don't like making scenery but enjoyed doing this project. Tony