Thursday 14 September 2023

The Clash at Kutzdorf.


So I have just set up the next battle from the 'Snakes & Ladders' Campaign .The Prussians are the attackers.

The Austrians are are surprised by the Prussians appearing on their flank and will have to adjust their position to counter this . The Cavalry on the left flank is 'Dithering' as is the left Infantry Brigade , however the Hungarian General on the right is 'Dependable'.

The Prussians have 'Dependable' Brigadiers , however the couple of Frei-Korps Light Infantry on left have a Dashing leader! .

Alt Fritz - now with new improved basing !

Field Marshal Browne again with new impressive base . I hope to get the game played over the weekend and will report on the action next week.


  1. The new command bases are excellent Tony! It helps to set them apart! It looks to be another great battle, I'll check back next week!

    1. Yes I thought the two C in C 's deserved special bases .

  2. The Clash? I got the wrong idea at first. Any chance of Brigadiers called Von Jones, Von Strummer, Von Simonon etc? Anyway it looks great, look forward to the AAR!