Saturday 4 September 2021

Armed Constabulary


I was sorting out my casting bits and pieces box and due to the vagaries of the Prince August molds I found I had 6 spare bodies and wondered what I should do with them . I don't need any more infantry , but I thought I could paint them up as armed policemen , so I cast up some more arms and heads to make up the required number for a unit of 6 for 'AGW' . I've always found the old Prince August 'toy soldiers' hard to fit together and they aways take lots of super glue and 'green stuff' to get them finished , so these are the  models read to clean up when the 'green stuff' sets , undercoat and hopefully painted up next week .


  1. They look like a stout set of constables Tony, ready to uphold the law! I look forward to seeing them painted!

  2. Evening all! I do hope they will be commanded by Dixon of Dock Green.

  3. Thats uncanny Tony. I've taken a bit of a gamble and just purchased a metal figure, awaiting delivery. Not a clue as to who made it, or perhaps its home-cast, but its a Victorian policeman. Looking forward to viewing your new unit.

    1. Have noticed the odd policeman figure on Ebay but they can be a bit pricey at times .