Sunday 6 January 2019

Improving Jacobites .

Whilst battling a case of 'man flu' I have been not doing much modelling but when I was feeling a bit better and able to sit up with a tartan rug tucked around me I had a tinker about with the boxes of Highlander for this new project . One of the problems was that a fair few of the figures hadn't any targes (shields) , so resorting back to a technique I first saw in the Airfix magazine about 50 years ago and used a 'dot punch' to cut out some circles from card which luckily are just the right size and glued them to the required figures .

Here's another few , I have coated the card with super glue to help with stiffness and once sprayed black they will look like part of the original figure . In the background you can see my trusty 'targe maker' , a more professional blogger would have cropped these photos and eliminated the sight of all the junk on my painting tray. 

For those pesky spearmen I resorted to cutting down their spears , carefully splitting the ends and inserting a piece of plastic milk container which I then trimmed to size to produce a 'Lochaber' axe , again with liberal amounts of super glue to hold things in place . They look much better now and I'm pleased with the results . I've got one or two other things to finish off and then I will go into mass production of Highlanders .


  1. Hi Tony- very nice work there on these Jacobite conversions for the targes and axes. I have the same paper punch - handy at times and it is about 40 years old and still sharp! Cheers. KEV.

    1. I think mine has only been used to make shields with and never it's original use .

  2. Nicely done!

    I was surprised at the whole punch for targes but then realized that I'd forgotten just how small 1/72 are.