Sunday 21 May 2017

An Unexpected Journey .

'A' rang me on Saturday night and said "do you fancy going to the Partizan wargaming show" tomorrow ?

A bit short notice , but as my wife was off with friends dog walking and I was left to clean out the hens and cut the back hedge - 7.30 am  saw us on the road to Newark . Not a bad journey down and our first visit to the new venue - to be met by a queue of games waiting to enter - VERY busy indeed - the traders were impressed by the crowds of punters and their spending power ! .

Its a very spacious and airy location on the Newark Showground a much better venue to the old cramped Kedelston Hall of the past .

One of the main draws of Partizan is the excellent games put on , here is the Perrys Egyptian Napoleonic game.

Impressive ! with lots of their figures but quite simple terrain .

Like the little fort manned by sailors .

It was nice to see the game actually being played using 'Black Powder' rules.

There were lots of 'proffessional' photos being taken , so look out for them appearing in the various gaming magazines in the near future.

A nice SYW game using Clan Tarra miniatures on some 'teddy bear' fur terrain .

I like the idea of the fur - very cleverly dyed and painted.

A 'Darkest Africa' demonstration game.

A Colonial Sudanese game on a very effective plastic mat .

An unusual game between the Japanese and Chindits in the Burma jungle.

You had to peer to see the combatants ! .

The highlight of the show was a Old School game using figures made out of cloths pegs !

It was a French- Indian War game  using some home-made rules.

The figures are made from wooden cloths pegs with muskets made from cocktail sticks and paper hats added to the heads .

They were given a simple paint job using marker pens to colour the figures in and then a coat of gloss varnish.

A demonstration how the figures were made , the horses are cut out of MDF .

A very clever idea indeed ! . I didn't purchase to much (a couple of packs of Samurai and some bases) but there were a good selection of traders who seemed to be busy . The catering was basic and a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of hungry wargamers , a good day out and we have plans to go again next year .


  1. Tony,
    Looks as though on short notice you had a great time of it- thanks for the photos. More Samurai- the Project is building! Cheers. KEV.

    1. Yes I'm back painting them now I'm back from hols , Tony

  2. Those clothes peg soldiers are darling.

  3. Nice report, and the peg fellows are excellent.... it would be good to see more of this kind of thing.

    1. Yes I was very impressed by them , I would never have thought of using them to make figures, Tony