Tuesday 31 January 2017

Seeing The Wood For The Trees.

I was needing some more trees for my 10mm AWI  project and had a look on EBay , you could get a bag of 50 (!) for only £4.20 from China - post free !

I thought how do they do that price wise and make a profit !? , not knowing anything about the economics of The Peoples Republic of China I thought I'd order some thinking that I couldn't be bitten at that price . They duly arrive after about a weeks wait , they of course don't come with bases but I had some small MDF circles for this . The only problem was that the foliage which has been glued to the plastic trunks/ branches seemed to want to fall off very easily (note the loose flock in the bottom of the bag )

I had to have a sit and think how to stop this deciduous behaviour - with a cup of tea and biscuits of course ! , I drilled holes in the bases and glued the trees in place , then I sprayed them all over with some green spray paint and set them aside to dry .

This seems to have stuck the flock to the branches so I tarted the bases up  and here are the first six completed with some British Light Infantry bases . Not bad for less than 10p a tree.