Sunday 10 April 2016

What Does This Mean ?

Coming in late April!

All visitors will be able to view your Blogspot domain blogs over an encrypted connection by visiting https://<your-blog> Existing links and bookmarks to your blogs will continue to work. As part of this change, the HTTPS Availability setting will disappear, and your blogs will always have an HTTPS version. This announcement has appeared on my blog dashboard and it means b****r all to me ?, knowing Blogger it means not good news - why must they try and improve thing !?


  1. I've mentioned the same thing. Means nothing to me, and even seems to contradict itself in places.

  2. From what little I know, the change to https is a good one, as the site will then be on an encrypted line, preventing the casual hacker from getting into your blog, I think.

  3. είναι όλα ελληνικά για μένα
    (It's all Greek to me) but with luck may turn out to be a harmless "improvement".

    1. I hope so , I've seen their 'improvements' before ! ,Tony

  4. As el Grog said - it moves it to a secure connection in theory improving security. From wikipedia:

    "HTTP is not encrypted and is vulnerable to man-in-the-middle and eavesdropping attacks, which can let attackers gain access to website accounts and sensitive information, and modify webpages to inject malware or advertisements. HTTPS is designed to withstand such attacks and is considered secure against them..."