Sunday 27 September 2015

Piedmontese Artillery.

Unfortunately 'real life' and family visitors have prevented much painting and hobby based activities of late so the only thing I've got done is this Piedmontese artillery piece and crew .

Here's a slightly better photo . The uniform info I have says 'yellow' leather belts - I'm assuming this means a 'buff' colour and as this is the third army (the others being - Neapolitans and Papal) I have use these figures for I'm pleased with the different uniform colours of the Piedmontese . Hopefully when things return to normal next week I'll get the remainder of the cavalry done and some Generals so I can set up a small game to take on the Papal forces in 1860 Italy .  


  1. Looking forward to Your Game with the newly painted figures. KEV.

  2. Excellent work on the gun and crew. These Irregular figures look quite nice.

    1. They are not to everyones taste , but I like them , Tony