Sunday 23 August 2015

Black Army On Parade.

Been waiting for a fine morning to photograph my latest additions to my 54mm 'Black' Army. I've cast up and painted a new standard bearer and a couple of extra rank and file to bring them up to strength. Here they are inspected by Prinz Hertz Van Hyre and the C in C 'Black' Army .

They march off only to have their route blocked by a cats tail ! (Hugo !).

A better photo with the cat removed . Infantry Regt. No.32 , Prince August figures with Irregular 54mm heads .

'Black' Army High Command . L to R General Mouters , Prinz Hertz Van Hyre , Captain Blocke . The General and the Captain are converted Prince August figures , the Prinz is a Sarum Soldiers figure .

Whilst the evidence for the carrying of Regimental Colours in 'The Great Patio War' by the 'Red' Army is mired in controversy* ! , there is harder evidence for the 'Black' Army carrying them in the field (Patio). The above and following photos are from the 'Die große deutsche Heer Archiv' and are I think published for the first time here . They seem to show the 32nd Infantry Regiment advancing under fire !? . 

The Regiment is advancing in skirmish order which would make sense with their colours in the centre , if they are really under fire or not this is harder to establish , it could be only a training exercise . The camera technology at this time had improved and the use of the 'Box Browning' camera was fairly widespread at this time , which would allow 'action' shots ? 

However we might have the identity of the photographer - this photo shows some General Officers with the Regimental Colour (of I think) Inf.Regt.32  and is signed Captain Blocke who was the Aide to General Mouters and would be well placed to take photos of the war . Unfortunately the 'Die große deutsche Heer Archiv, is not available on the Internet at the moment and any more research will have to be done in person . I would like to thank my wargaming colleague 'A' who helped me with the translation from German.

(* Dobson - 'The evidence against the use of Unit Flags in Late War' -Oxford 1899)


  1. Splendid 54mm Castings and Conversions - and very well painted too Tony. Also- Lovely outdoor photos with the Box Brownie. Is there to be a Battle soon? KEV.

  2. The problems with outdoor gaming is - the weather (having a lousy summer this year) and the absence of the dog who has been known to run off with figures ! , tony

  3. Lovely figures....nice to see the 54mm chaps getting an outing.

    1. The great outdoors is their natural environment ! - we need the weather , Tony