Sunday 22 February 2015

'Oh The Roast Beef Of Old England ! '

Been feeling a bit under the weather of late and almost unheard of- rather off my food !. This has also manifested itself in  an unproductive period  gaming wise. So when I awoke this morning feeling a bit better, we decided to go to our local pub for Sunday lunch . Above Hogarth's 'The Roast Beef of Old England' - a print I've always liked .

They do a VERY  good roast beef lunch !

And VERY nice puddings ! - luckily I'm naturally slim !!! 

The author at his meal - the one on the right it goes without saying - only with slightly more hair ! . Having fed the inner man I've spray under coated the next unit of Papal Infantry and cleaned up some Indian Sepoy's ready for painting - so having taken the dog for a walk I've something to get on with - MUST be feeling better !.