Saturday 27 September 2014

After a Short Delay .........

Real life in the form of my wife's broken leg has curtailed any blogging of late , but things have been going on in the background . At the moment I'm fighting a solo FIW game using the excellent 'Muskets and Tomahawks' rules .

This has been encouraged by me finishing painting the latest batch of militia figures from 'Galloping Major' , I really like these figures - full of character and easy to paint.

Some more of the militia , they fit well size wise with my other figures which are mainly Redoubt.

French militia lurking behind a log cabin , again 'Galloping Major ' figures and a '4Ground 'building .

Something entirely different - a radio station for my 'Bolt Action' WW2 , its by 'Sarrissa 'and doesn't come pre-painted like the '4Ground' buildings - but easier to put together !.

And I'm having a clear out ! - it's amazing the amount of rules you amass over 40 odd years (well if your me anyway !) . I'm being ruthless anything I haven't used for years or don't think I'll use again is going - first I'm letting my wargaming colleagues pick through them, then any hard back books will go to a charity shop and what's left to recycling !. 

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