Monday, 30 June 2014

Wargaming Cannibalism

(Originally posted on 05/08/12)

Found a big bag of 20mm SCW figures, mainly Irregular but several other manufacturers as well and melted them all down - now I suspect that there are people out there crying shame ! , but lets face it I was never going to use them . I could have sold them on EBay but could not be bothered and I'm not sure how much they would make , if  I was going to do the SCW in the future I would use some of the newer 28mm figures. So they have been reused into -

These will be the mounted element of Scheither's Frei Korp ,they took quite a bit of casting , cavalry molds need extra vents cutting into the molds, but I'm pleased with the results .

I especially like the trumpeter , have got a couple of Hussar molds as well but being newer more rounded types they are proving harder to get perfect castings from them .

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