Monday, 2 June 2014

EBay Finds.

A fellow blogger was kind enough to alert me to the sale of some 40mm SYW  figures on eBay , when I first started on my 40mm SYW  collection I had plans to cast every figure myself - but when I saw these I thought they looked so cute that I had to get them . There are 30 of them which will give me a couple of companies under my organisation. Although painted I think I will repaint them as Hessian Grenadiers - they look suitably Germanic , I will have to cast up Officers and Drummers for them .
The seller was also selling the above Hussars , working on the theory that you can never have enough Hussars I bought these as well (luckily these purchases coincided with some back-pay that was owed to me !) There are enough for a squadron and again I think I will be repainting them into some sort of Frei-Korp Hussars . I believe they are cast from molds sold by . A lucky find and based and repainted will be seeing action on the table soon.

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