Monday, 2 June 2014

The French Regiment Castellas.

Sorry for the rather poor photos , I normally do my photography in the bathroom (an odd place to do a photo shoot I know, but the light is very good !) but as my wife was using the shower I had to take them on the stair landing (she told me to hoover the carpet first - Hmm didn't do to good a job of that !) .
I have got the final company done and this completes the Swiss Regt. Castellas. This means that I must do an Allied unit to help balance the forces .
I decided to repaint the figures I got of EBay as the grenadier companies of the Hesse-Kassel Regiment 'Leibgarde zu Fuss'.
Have got the first 3 figures done to see how they painted up , they are more 'toy soldier' in form in comparison to the Prince August figures and maybe slightly larger but as they are in a separate unit this won't matter - and after all they are Grenadiers !.

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