Thursday, 19 October 2017

A 'Close Wars' Scenario .

My wife has been on holiday this week so we have been taking the dog for various long walks and returning damp, muddy and knackered , so there has been no painting done and little gaming . However I thought I would set up a small quick non-demanding game using Featherstone's rules for 'Close Wars' .

A 4'x4' table , the British come on the right top corner and have to exit bottom left . They must do this with 50% of their force . 

The British force of 12 Regulars , 6 Light Infantry , 4 Rangers , 4 Frontiersmen and 3 Officers move onto the table through a narrow gorge.

They fan out when they reach the open ground , the Frontiersmen keep a sharp eye open for 'injuns' ! .

The French have a small force of militia guarding the route hidden in some ruined buildings . they also have a couple of small patrols of Red Indians on the table .

The French reinforcements of 6 Regulars , 2 units of Red Indians and a Officer . These will arrive on the table when they are alerted by gunfire and the roll of a dice will decide where and when they turn up.

French Allied Indians sneak about the tabletop on the look out for 'white eyes' .

Not the wilds of North America - Mrs K in the wilds of Grisedale Forest in the Lake District . Report of the game to follow ......

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Aquarium Scenery.

Was at 'Pets at Home' the other day and I always look at the aquarium section as there can be things of use for gaming and I came across the above on a 3 for 2 offer so I could not resist them !.

Was not sure what I was going to actually do with it , but it has Oriental overtones so it will be Fung Shwei's garden of earthly paradise !. I added  MDF bases and tarted them up a bit .

But in this garden there are serpents ! - Bandits !!!. Hopefully this scenery will be featuring in future 'Back of Beyond' conflicts !.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

The Next Batch For 1897.

Been in a painting frenzy completing some more figures for 'A's 1897 project , here we see British Rifles , I've always found it hard to get 'Rifle' green right , it's a very dark green (almost black) but it can look a bit odd I think when done on 28mm figures so I do lighten it a bit - although it looks very dark in this photo - trick of the light (or my photography) ..

Did some more Volunteers plus a mounted officer for them .

For the Germans a unit of Jaegers , again they have come out in this photo a lot darker than they are in actuality .

A rare bird - a mounted Naval Officer for the German Naval Brigade and some more sailors . Have been gluing up and undercoating the next batch of figures which includes cavalry and artillery . When these are done there should be enough for a small game .

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

First Fruits 1897.

Been painting for 'A's 1897 project , he has decided on a 'Toy Soldier' look , so they are being mounted on pennies and given a coat of high gloss varnish . Here we see members of the Furness Railway Volunteers (F.RV.)  patrolling a stretch of the main line to Barrow in Furness as there have been reports of unusual Naval activity in Morecambe Bay and the railway line is a major link to the important dockyards there.

Here is a small scouting force from the German Navy who have secretly landed from an experimental submersible near the small hamlet of Flookburgh . 

The Germans are photographed by a young Arthur Ransome on holiday with his family using his newly acquired 'Box Browning' - he had to flee the scene as he was chased by the sailors . These photos were taken using my wife's my super-duper camera as my camera battery was flat and I'm unfamiliar with it so they might be a bit poor  . (click on the photos to enlarge)  More photos to follow and in due course a game ......

Saturday, 30 September 2017

A Thinga-Mayjig .

I'm playing a linked campaign using 'Test Of Honour' Samurai rules and several of the scenarios need the turns counting , now I normally put a dice on the table top to remind me of the turn number - BUT I always seem to either mislay or end up using the dice for rolling and so loose count ! . So I hit upon this idea pinched from a Board Gaming site and made a dice holder . I printed off a suitable Samurai image from Google and stuck it to a piece of fine Oriental wood - well MDF actually , I then glued four small pieces of MDF onto it to hold the dice and gave the whole thing a couple of coats of gloss varnish .

Here we see it in action !

Thursday, 28 September 2017

A Painting Commision.

'A' dropped off this box the other day - a very heavy box full of toy soldiers ! . He had asked me to paint up some figures for his new project - 'The German Invasion Of Britain 1897' which I believe is based on a series of articles in a newspaper at the turn of the century about the threat to the U.K. from Germany.

OMG ! there is a serious amount of lead in the box ! . He is using Irregular Miniatures 28mm figures , the British are from the 'British Home Service' range and the Germans from the Franco-Prussian range . He is planning to use a modified version of the 'Black Powder' rules with the standard unit of 12 figures for the infantry and 6 for the cavalry .

A couple of the British figures , rather nice ! , so I have a lot of cleaning up of figures , basing (using 1p pieces) and undercoating to keep me busy in the future. I will post some photos when I get some of them painted 

Friday, 22 September 2017

Franco-Prussian Campaign , The Return ! .

And they said it would never happen ! - after a break when my Generals went on holiday , then I went on holiday - we have returned refreshed in mind and body and getting back into wargaming ! . Here we see the situation on the 4th Day of the campaign with two action developing , one in the North of the map and another in the centre , we will be re fighting the centre action first .

The forces have met half way through the day and comprise the above units , this is an important battle as both forces need to push past each other to capture their respective objectives , the French have to capture the bridge and demolish it and the Prussians have to take the town (Schutzige Stadt) . The players have sent in their orders of march and will more detailed orders when the table is set up , which hopefully will be later next week . ( click on the maps to enlarge )