Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Action On The Voivodino Road (Part One)

Having painted up the extra Crimean War units I thought it was time I got them on the table and into combat. I have decided to base my games in a semi fictional campaign set in Bulgaria as the Allies seek to raise the siege of Silistra and this is the second game - the last game was seven months ago ! (hangs head in shame) . The Allies forced the Russians back in that game and have moved further down the road having been reinforced by the 42nd Regiment and some Turkish light cavalry . The Russians are on the right of this photo and the Allies on the left . An apology for the poor quality of the photos the lighting is abysmal in my gaming room at the moment .

Finding their way blocked the Highland Brigade deploys with some Rifle Brigade on their right flank. 

The British C in C General Sir George Brown positions the artillery battery himself .

The Turkish Bashi Bazouks deploy to the Allied left , Sir George has a poor opinion of them - "we'll have to keep an eye on those chaps !"

The Russian centre four Battalions of infantry, a company of Riflemen and a H.A. battery . The first and second Battalions of the Azov and the Dnieper . At this point I thought - " the Russians need more Riflemen and another Artillery Battery" so they are on the 'to do' painting list .

Off to the Russian left is a Brigade of cavalry , two units of Ingermanland Hussars and a unit of Don Cossacks lurking up to no good . The Turkish infantry is busy guarding the Allied baggage train and is off table . Too be continued ..........

Thursday, 8 March 2018

The 55th (Westmoreland) Regiment Of Foot.

Have been busy getting more of my 1/72nd plastic Crimean figures painted . This time it is a British Regiment of Line the 55th (Westmoreland) my local unit (well if you go back over a hundred years) they have dark green facings - which I have lightened somewhat so they show up a bit better.

The figures are by Strelets  and get a bit of a panning on the Plastic Soldier website , but I rather like them - they have character ! . Strelets give you 44 figures each one being unique which has the advantage of you only getting one of each duff figure and you can pick out the better ones . They have a nice mixture of the 'Albert' shako and the forage caps .

Here we have them in period sepia mode . After I paint them I give them a coat of yacht varnish then matt varnish , this seems to prevent the paint flaking . I need another couple of Brigadiers then they will hit the table on a scenario I'm working on .

Friday, 2 March 2018

An Old Timer .

Whilst rummaging in my boxes of scenery I came across this - the older of you will recognise it to be the classic Hinchliffe Models box that they used to ship their figures in - ah! how many times have I excitedly open a delivery of these - something rather 'Dickensian' in them with their purple tissue paper packing . This one had but one figure in it -

I have no recollection of purchasing this figure , a Austrian Hussar Officer ( the above photo is from the present Hinchliffe catalogue)  as I didn't have any of their Napoleonic figures and can only assume it was bought as a sample figure for a long forgotten project .

As I have a Foundry 28mm Austrian army I thought it would be nice to get the old chap painted and onto the tabletop as a sort of Austrian Brigadier Gerard , so here he is ready to be painted up .

Well I really enjoyed painting this chap , I used my Liquitex acrylic tube paints I got for Christmas and he is in the uniform of the 4th Hesse-Homburg Hussar Regt. I find these older figures (it must be 40 years since Hinchliffe started producing figures?) have more character than the modern ones do , a certain style ! . He is now off to join my Austrian army as a Brigadier of the cavalry.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Next Up For Painting .

Inspired by my successful painting of my R.H.A. I decided to paint up a British Line Battalion whilst on a Crimean war roll . I was fortunate enough to be sent a large bag of plastic figures by fellow blogger Conrad Kinch , so sorting through these I found the required figures and most of then cleaned up already by the said Mr Kinch ! - Huzza ! that man ! .

I have just taken them outside to spray a black undercoat - as you can see we have snow and Arctic blasts so this is probably the most unsuitable time to do it - we will see what happens ?!

Friday, 23 February 2018

Crimean Royal Horse Artillery .

I've finally got the plastic 1/72nd R.H.A. finished and based up , I glued the guns down to the bases to prevent damage . I then gave them a good coat of high gloss yacht varnish and when dry a couple of coats of matt varnish .

Rather pleased how these have turned out as I thought I was going to have to resort to metal figures to get the British some firepower for their cavalry . I know need to thing about another cavalry unit and line infantry for the Allied forces .

Monday, 19 February 2018

Strange Searches On Google .

One of the interesting things about our hobby is the strange subjects and paths of enquiry it leads us down , so it was I found myself looking at pictures of Japanese kimonos to paint up a female figure for my 'Test Of Honour' Samurai project. The one thing that struck me was how bloody complicated they are both in pattern and design with lots of complicated folds and pleats , needless to say I chose a simple one to paint onto my figure . It took two attempts to get it half right, the problem is the designs disappear into the folds and  getting the general layout of the flowers on the dress to look right was hard work . Japanese Geisha's also painted their faces white (another Google search) and sort of drew their eyebrows, lips etc. onto this background . I'm glad I've got it done and equally glad I haven't a unit of them to do ! . Starting painting Royal Horse Artillery for the Crimea an altogether simpler subject next . 

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

R.H.A. Head Swaps Complete ! .

Well nursing my sore finger I have completed the swapping of heads to complete my British Crimean War Royal Horse Artillery , here we have a gun and crew about to fire. I used 'green stuff' to provide collars (to hide evidence of surgery) and add water bottles and knapsacks .

This gun is being loaded by it's crew . The alternative heads seem to match well so I'm pleased with these conversions . When the 'green stuff' is set I will spray them with black undercoat and hopefully get them painted later in the week .