Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The World Reacts To The Burning Of Neuchatel.

The Worlds press reacts to the Prussian burning and massacre at Neuchatel . The Prussian C in C Von Mooke  is christened 'The Butcher Of Neuchatel' . Later unbiased research found that the village was probably set on fire by the shells from the artillery and not by design . In fact in his memories ( Meine Erinnerungen an den sp├Ąten Krieg) he laments the fact that the village caught fire as there was no accommodation of the wounded . However there were reports of the bayoneting of wounded and surrendering French Franc- Tireurs . 

Monday, 14 August 2017

The Action At Neuchatel.

The first battle of the campaign is situated in the North of the map , the French Cavalry Brigade has taken the town of Neuchatel and have been reinforced by the towns people who have risen in support . Here we seen the positions of the forces at dawn on Day 3 of the campaign , the Prussians are to the right of the photo .

The French cavalry follow their orders from their C in C to only skirmish with the enemy before falling back . It is very interesting how the mentalities of my two generals have been altered by the campaign , troops that would have been thrown away in a one off game must be carefully nurtured

The Prussian artillery opens up on the French Lancers

The French Chasseures D Africa charge the Prussian Hussars causing casualties but then retire as the Prussian Infantry move up .

The Prussian C in C oversees the artillery fire . (the coins are to track the ammunition expenditure)

The French cavalry withdraw still under effective artillery fire .

The Prussian infantry move up to attack the village .

They come under fire from the towns people as the artillery starts shelling the village .

The Franc-Tireurs and the civilians man the barricades having been left in the lurch by the French cavalry .

The Prussians attack the village .

The defenders put up a stubborn resistance but are no match for the Prussians .

The Prussian flanking attack breaks into the village .

The French are forced back as the Prussians pour into the village over the barricades .

The survivors flee the village .

The Prussians set fire to the village and massacre any wounded enemy casualties .

The first battle of the campaign is a Prussian victory , so we must find out what happens in the next action in the South . Too be continued .........


Thursday, 10 August 2017

The Campaigns First Actions .

Well my two Generals have been very good and provided me with instructions for their various brigades , of course I cannot reveal the positions of these,  but there has been a meeting of forces in the North and the South (marked on the map) on the evening of Day 2  and these will be played out on the table top next week . (click on map to enlarge) Too be continued .......

Monday, 7 August 2017

The Games Afoot ! .

Well the campaign has started , both Generals have sent me orders and force dispositions and I have given them the locations of their forces at the end of day 1 . Sadly of course I can't let you all into the progress as they both view my blog and it's 'TOP SECRET' , but when the forces near each other all will be reveal to them and you . Here we see a contemporary photo of French troops marching off to the Front watched by their High Command.

Both Generals have been given various objectives/tasks to perform and the one that completes them first is the winner , as you can see I'm keeping it simple as the main reason of this campaign is to produce table top battles for toy soldiers rather than any grand strategy . Here we see the Prussians setting off on the campaign .

The Prussian Commander in Chief and staff receive preliminary reports from a Dragoon patrol. Well we are off - as many other campaigns have  done in the past , lets hope this one stays the course - I have high hopes ! . Too be continued .........

Saturday, 5 August 2017

A Line Drawn In The Sand.

I have tried running campaigns before and they have all met with a ignominious end all dying of apathy - this time it will be different ! ( I hope ) . It is going to be a Franco- Prussian War campaign using the Grant campaign rules and the Featherstone rules for table top battles . My wargaming colleagues 'A' and 'B' have unknowingly volunteered to be the Prussians and French , the Prussians setting off from the Right hand side of the map and the French the Left .(click on map to enlarge) .

The forces and their objectives have been sent to the players and I hopefully will report back as the campaign unfolds . Map moves are kept secret from the players till they enter a square ( ie G4) then the action will unfold on the table top . I envisage with the interruptions of 'real life' this will be a longish term project but have always been a bit jealous of those 'OS' gamers who seemed to run campaigns with no problems at all and with modern technology - emails texts etc this should prove a bit easier (crosses fingers) . 

Let's hope it doesn't turn into the above ! .

Sunday, 30 July 2017

A Game At 'A's

I was invited around to 'A's for tea and a ECW wargame , his family being absent the catering was going to be 'Man Food' ! , Doritos and dip for starters and I brought a pizza for mid-game .

It was going to be a scenario based on the battle of Brentford , with Prince Rupert trying to capture the bridge to clear the way to London .

The Parliamentarians had build barricades forward of the vital bridge. We were using Pike and Shotte the Renaissance version of 'black Powder' - which worked very well and gave a quick and fast flowing game.

'A' took on the persona of Prince Rupert and brought his first couple of brigades onto the table .

'A's  ECW collection  has been built up over many years and has within it's ranks every type of figure from MiniFigs , Hinchliffe, through to the more modern Perry and Redoubt . He has been busy re basing the collection for Pike & Shotte .

I deployed my forces in depth in advance of the bridge and this brigade to hold the bridge itself.

'A's troops advanced but were held up by my advance brigade .

Because of my stubborn defence he was unable to deploy his troops to any advantage and although my advance brigade was driven off he had suffered heavy casualties and with time running out he called off the attack as more of my reinforcement moved onto the table . A victory for myself and Parliament ! . An excellent game, the rules worked well and has inspired 'A' to have more ECW games , it's nice to see these figures getting used - some of which he has had for 40 years .

The victory feast ! to celebrate my Glorious Victory ! 

Monday, 24 July 2017

The Austrian Army Of 1859 .

I've started on the last of my armies for the Unification of Italy - the others being Garibaldi's Red Shirts , the Neapolitan army , the Papal army and the Sardinia/ Piedmontese . This one is the Austro-Hungarian Army who fought the Sardinians and French  in 1859  . The figures are of course Irregular - not to everyone's taste but I think they have a certain style combine with an excellent coverage of the period , cheapness and a marvellous mail order system . 

They are the Infantry Regiment No. 41 'Keller' and will be the first of two battalions for this regiment . The Austrian force will be about the same size as my other armies in this project - six units of infantry , two guns and crews and a few cavalry ( cavalry didn't seem to play a large part in the battles in Italy) . I've always been interested in the Austrians - anyone who can wear white and get away with it has my admiration (if I was to wear white the first thing I would do would be to spill yogurt or burger relish on it !) , a unit of Grenzer are next and I've just found out that the Independent Border Battalion 'Titler' had light blue jackets with red facings - a wargamers dream come true so I'll be including them in the orbat .