Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Charity Shop Find.

On Saturday I was dropping off some unwanted paperback books at a charity shop and on the way out I glanced at their books , now I've never found anything worth reading on their shelves - lots of copies of  'The Da Vinci Code' (so many that they have stopped taking them in , 'Fifty Shades Of Gray' is also popular for dumping, the lady behind the desk told me !) and Mills and Boon romances , but I noticed there were a few Osprey books so I gave them a looking at. Most of them were ones which I already had or was not interested in - but - there was a copy of the above rules , I was vaguely aware of them as my mate 'B' had a copy and had mentioned them - so for £ 3 I thought I would get them and have a look .

I was impressed by their simple mechanisms , very O.S. and simple , as there was a small scenario in the back of the book I thought I would give them a quick try using my 30mm Spencer Smith figures.

My Spencer Smith are individually mounted on pennies , but I found the MDF sabots I originally got for my Napoleonics so used these , three bases per unit , total of eighteen figures per battalion . Honours of War don't use figure removal so it doesn't really matter how many figures you use. Here we see the Austrian forces moving up to attack the bridge.

The Prussians prepare to hold the bridge . Sadly the bases rather jar colour wise ! , may have to do something about this if I go with this rules system.

The Prussian Artillery have a commanding hill top position . I have read that the artillery rules are a bit overpowered so I will have to keep an eye on them whilst playing the game .

The game starts , the Austrians advance and deploy as the Prussian artillery open fire ! . Too be continued ...........

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Distaff Day.*

Well after a longish break from painting over Christmas - a combination of the festivities, family commitments and 'Man Flu' prevented any useful work , I have started again and as an effort to get projects finished off I have painted my Austrian guns and crew for my Italian War of Unification 1860 .

As I have said before (and will say again probably) I hate doing limbers in any shape or form - but do like them on the table as they really look the business, so I did a Austrian one to complete the force . The guns , crew and limber are of course Irregular 28mm and I'm pleased to say this finishes off my Austrian army and I do believe my Italian Wars of Unification ! , Huzza ! . It has taken four years I think and I have armies for Garibaldi , Naples , The Papal State , Piedmont/Sardinia and now Austria , Phew ! - like Toppsie 'it just grew' ! . 
P.S *St. Distaff day is a Christian festival on the 7th of January when women returned to their spinning using a distaff spindle after a break over Christmas .

Thursday, 4 January 2018

A Recent Acquisition.

Just arrived in the post is my latest buy for my World War One Pilots collection , I know I've made a big thing recently about not buying new stuff but these figures  rarely come up on EBay especially this one - a 'Manoil' figure made in America  in the 1940's, known as Dime store toys , they can go for about £20 , but nobody seemed interested in this chap so I got him for £4 plus postage - a bargain ! . He is rather crudely painted in only four colours but a cute figure . I'm tempted to repaint him - and so destroying his collectability in many collectors eye's , Hmmm ! will have to think about that . Tea mug and biscuits for scale .

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

The First Game Of The Year (Parte Twoe)

I had a go messing about with 'photo-shop' adding smoke to some of these pictures - with varied success . Here we see the Catholic Tercio advancing on the Protestant 'Red' regt. 

The Catholic Tercio's come under fire , they moved forward quickly but became disrupted by the fire from the enemy .

The Catholic pike block charges the right 'sleeve' of shote and routs it , the red markers are to record casualties .

Having driven off the'White' Regt. they turn their attention on the remaining Protestant unit causing heavy losses on the left 'sleeve' of shote and driving it off - things are not looking good for the Protestant army.

The remaining components of the Protestants flee leaving the route to the ford  open to the Catholic forces . On the other flank very little happened, the Catholic Tercio moving up the road did so very slowly and took ages to deploy , the Protestant 'Blue' Regt. showed no enthusiasm in attacking it and just sat there watching .

The victorious Catholic Commander . A rather quirky game with nothing happening on the Protestant right and although the left wing caused heavy losses on the enemy they were routed by a more aggressive foe.. The rules worked well and the game lasted six moves and was an exiting and interesting experience .

Friday, 29 December 2017

First Game Of The New Year . (Parte One)

This coming year I'm going to try to play more games with the various armies I've got painted/finished in 2017 . The first will be a TYW game using my plastic 1/72nd figures , the rules will be 'Pike & Shotte' . An apology for the poor picture quality , the overhead bulb has packed in and it's replacement is one of these energy saving eco-bulbs and is s***e !  , I've photo shopped the photos to help with the visibility - but with mixed results ! . The scenario is that the Protestant force is to hold the ford to allow it's baggage train to escape , the Imperialist's are coming on the other table edge attacking in two forces divided by the stream and marshy ground .

The newly finished Protestant  'White' Regiment  - so they should fight well in their first battle (sic).

The 'Red Regiment - with a piece of polystyrene in shot - damn ! 

The first Catholic Tercio moves onto the table , in the distance the other force moves down the road to attack the ford from the other flank . 

That route is being held by the Protestant 'Blue' Regiment . So my New Year resolution are - NO new periods - finish off my existing projects and play games with the figures I already have - noble sentiments - I hope I can carry them out ! .