Friday, 26 August 2016

Getting There And Camera Problems.

Sorry for the very poor photo but I'm having problems downloading photos from my camera - suddenly my computer doesn't seem to want to do it (Grr ! bloody technology !) so I have resorted to my phone and Emailing it to my computer , unfortunately my phone has a poor camera . My gut feeling is to take the camera/computer outside and 'repair' it with a BIG hammer ! . On a happier note I've got over half of the Austrians done and as a treat I did one of the mounted General figures . Hopefully normal service will be resumed as soon as possible ..........

P.S. after fiddling around and finding it will not download photos from my wife's camera as well, I found I can download the contents of the camera 'sim' card plugged into the computer ! so this will do for now . I Googled about this issue and the consensus of opinion is that it is Windows 10's problem (as seems half the ills in the world).

Better - but the evening light streaming in behind it don't help ! .

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

First Six Of Thirty Six.

Started the mammoth paint of my last Austrian infantry unit . It is going to be Infantry Regiment No. 28 Graf Wartensleben  with grass green facings . Doing them in groups of six and once I get into the swing of things should be quite fast , the advantage of the figures being the same pose means that once you have got a few done you go into auto-mode knowing were the paint goes . I'm doing it with a black undercoat and trying to leave some of it showing to suggest shading . These are ready for a coat of gloss varnish tomorrow.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

A Small Triumph Over Adversity .

Having got my new spray can I was beset by foul weather - but this morning managed to get them done - 'Huzza' - only got to paint them now ! . Just noticed on this photo that our 'wheelie bin' has 'A Coat of Many Colours'

A Modern Classic ?


I don't do reviews but 'The Ferryman' asked me about this book I'm reading at the moment . I got it from Caliver Books last week and I'm about 2/3rds through it so these are just my initial thoughts. Its hard backed - which I like and cost £27 I think ? which is probably par for the course for this sort of book and print run. It has been translated from German (being written by a couple of German chaps) so it has a quaint turn of phrase now and then , its big selling point (and maybe it's downfall) is that it uses a grid system for movement and ranges . Now they say this speeds up the game doing away with measuring and arguments over ranges etc , my own ill informed opinion is that it causes as many complications as things it solves . This is a bit unfair of me because I haven't played the rules yet - but can I be bothered to draw a grid on my table ? ( having thought about this it could be easily accomplished by turning my felt cloth over and drawing one on it using a green marker pen) . Units are organised in multiples of 'sixes' for easiness as they use D6s - 12 or 18 being probably the norm . Units and Generals are allotted a playing card each and these with the enemies cards are shuffled and drawn to activate things to move/shoot etc. Movement is by number of squares as is range and shooting, this is done by adding or subtracting dice per 6 figures , then throwing them and every 6 gets a casualty . The scale can be either 'big' battle or smaller 'colonial' style actions and weaponry is divided up into periods - roughly musket, rifle, breech loaders and repeaters. The rules seem to have been play tested thoroughly over several years and once you have learned the system should be quite fast and decisive to play a 'day' being 8 moves . there are ideas for army lists , solo play and points as well . There is a 'Facebook' group for the rules . A play sheet is in the back of the book but it would be nice to see one on their Facebook page to down load . So will I use them ?, it would be interesting to try them out especially since I have some 30mm O.S. SYW figures that are under used . It's a nice book and as a collector of O.S. type rules I'm glad I have a copy whether or not I use the rules .

Friday, 19 August 2016

Doing The Worthy Again.

I usually have a stock of figures sprayed up ready for painting but when I looked in the cupboard I found I'd run out . This then raised the question what to paint next ? - after some thought I went to the 'Corner of Shame' in the wargaming room to see what unpainted figures were there . I came across this box of Austrian Napoleonic  , they were the last figures of this project yet unpainted so with a hint of guilt I thought it would be a very worthy thing to clean them up , give them a spray undercoat  and start painting them and it would be something different for a change.

Bit of a challenge cleaning thirty six figures , but I buckled down and got them done and mounted on a couple of strips of waste wood ready for spraying.

I also found Archduke Charles and his staff so I did them as well , however they needed 'green stuff' to get them to sit on their horses properly . Pleased with my mornings work I thought "better get them sprayed up whilst it's fine weather !".

So I took them outside - picked up the spray can of black paint - shook it and thought " Hmm not much left !" - got one side of the figures done and the can ran out !!! - you can imagine the language ! (well it would be better if you can't) - don't you just hate it when that happens ! . So I will have to wait till I go into town at the weekend to buy a new tin . Oh well half way there to finishing them !.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The Allied Advance From Varna (Part Three).

With suprising ease the Turkish infantry moved forward to the river bank to counter the Russian threat and opened fire on the enemy column.

Their fire power and the British artillery was enough to break the Russian column and send it packing in full retreat ! .

Ali Pasha watches with great satisfaction as his traditional enemies flee !.

On the other flank the Highlander cross the river and open fire on the Russian Hussars that are reorganising themselves . Unfortunately for the Russians the leading unit of cavalry fled and General  Ryzhov was seriously wounded and had to be carried from the field .

The Highlanders are thrown into confusion by the Russian H.A. as a infantry column positions itself to attack their left flank.

The Light Brigade is finally recalled to the Allied centre The threatening Russian column is thrown into confusion by the accurate rifle fire and artillery shells of the British .

The Russians finally get their remaining Hussars reorganised and charge 'The Thin Red Line' ,  unlike real life the Highlanders caused hardly any casualties on the cavalry - lost the melee and fled ! , luckily the Russians did not pursue across the river . A black day for the Highlanders - a high percentage of new recruits and being shaken by the Russian artillery fire was the cause to this debacle .

However the combined fire of the British artillery and Riflemen caused the last Russian column to flee and with over half their army now leaving the battlefield the Russian commander decided to retire, his rear covered by Cossacks and the Rifle company . The British were quite happy to let them go in peace with the Light Brigade and Rifles seeing them off at a safe distance. A victory for the Allies aided by a slice of bad luck for the Russians . The well placed Royal Artillery and Rifle Brigade broke up the piecemeal Russian attacks who never seemed to get it together . Nice to get the new figures onto the table and we will have to see if the Highlanders can redeem themselves in the next game.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Allied Advance From Varna (Part Two).

The Russian response to the appearance of the British cavalry was to move the Hussars up towards the bridge and send the Cossacks across the river to flank them.

The Russian Infantry appeared on the road very promptly - I was dicing for when reinforcement came onto the table , the Russians got lucky !.

The Russian Horse Artillery opens fire ! .

But being at extreme range it does no damage to the British cavalry , Paget is aware that he is unsupported and starts glancing down the road wishing for the infantry to appear.

The Russian infantry move up rather slowly and deploy into attack columns.

There was a sigh of relief from the British high command when the infantry Brigade finally moved up the road and their battery deploy on the ridge overlooking the bridge .

The Russian Cossacks prepare to attack the British cavalry thence pinning them in position for their Hussars to charge - but ! - they roll a double '6' ! - a blunder ! and have to move to their left one move - taking them off the table edge ! .

This blunder allows the British to form a defensive line with the R.A. battery opening fire supported by the Rifle Brigade deployed as skirmishers .

The effect was devastating on the leading Russian Hussar unit , suffering heavy casualties and being disordered as their officers were picked off by the British Riflemen.

Sensing the battle was slipping from his grasp the Russian general ordered the second wing of Hussars up and had them charged over the bridge (the moment I did this I realised it was a bad move !).

The Russian infantry brigade is ordered forward to support the cavalry but is rather tardy in it's movement .

The 93rd Highlanders deploy into a 'thin red streak' and their volley combined with the artillery changing to case shot and the Riflemen drive the Russians back (told you it was a bad move !).

The Russian Cossacks having returned to the table top are charged by the Light Dragoons supported by the Lancers , they counter charge but are forced to retreat . Paget does not pursue them, aware of General Raglan's orders not to lose cavalry lives unnecessarily   The British seem to be winning the battle so far .

However the Russian columns are on the move and their attack is supported by the fire of a Rifle company and the H.A. which throw the British battery into confusion ! . At this point I will retire to play more of  the game and report back soon .........