Saturday, 12 October 2019

Second hand find .

Just been to the local hospital for my yearly eye check up and whilst waiting I had a rummage around in the WRVS book boxes - they run the refreshment kiosk and always have some second hand books for sale (mainly Barbara Cartland 'bodice rippers') and I came across this rather battered copy of  ' Operation Warboard' , I was aware of this book but have never had a copy before . It was originally published in 1976 and this one is the paper backed version from 1978 , it has been well thumbed and has that musty 'old book' smell , whoever owned it obviously used it for gaming as there are scribbled notes in pencil throughout the book which adds character to it . On the front cover it says 'Wargaming at it's best' - Wargamers Newsletter - a fine testimonial indeed , so I'm going to sit down with a cup of tea and biscuits and have a read - has anybody ever used it to play WW2 games ? . 

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Charity Shop find .

I do scan the charity shops for any wargaming related content but with not much success , however the other day I was looking through a box of diecast model cars when I came across these two figures . They are a couple of (German ?) 54mm pilot figures in metal rather nicely painted (needed a bit of touching up) by a firm called 'Thomas Gunn' . They are obviously aimed at the collectors market and 'Thomas Gunn' figures seem to be quite expensive on eBay so I think I was lucky to pick these up for a modest sum and they will now join my collection of World War One Pilots .

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Modern Firepower .

With war clouds threatening the Sublime Porte has been seeking to modernise it's army by importing Gatling guns to add firepower to it's infantry and cavalry units . Here we see the new weapon being inspected by members of the General Staff. The figures are Irregular 40mm from their Balkans range and the Staff figures are from  the Deutshe Homage range.

Here we see Hannay Pasha instructing gunners on the correct firing procedure , It's a little known fact that Sir Richard Hannay spent a short while serving in the army of the Sublime Porte as a military adviser .

He also tried to improve communication methods within the army (with only mixed results) . The Sublime Porte is smarting over the 'Walker Incident' * and is seeking to provoke a confrontation with Treboria who they suspect in having a hand in it .


Sunday, 29 September 2019

The Spartan Hegemony ( part 1 Phyle 404 BC)

One of the most attractive things about Command & Colors is re-fighting historical battles quickly and easily and being able to link these games into an informal campaign by keeping a running total of the Victory Banners earned in each game . I've been selling a lot of surplus figures on EBay and have invested the profits in another couple of C&C expansions - Greece versus the Eastern Kingdoms and the Spartans , which will allow me to re fight this campaign .

I've decided to play this series of battles between the Spartans and the Athenians , this one - Phyle was a response to the Spartans imposing a oligarchic government over the city of Athens which became known as the Thirty Tyrants . The Athenian general Thrasybulus gathered an army near Mount Parnes and planned a surprise attack on the Spartans who were not expecting them and had set up camp .

The Athenians are light blue and the Spartans the bronze and orange blocks . I'm not going to go into a move by move description of the battle as the moving of little wooden blocks does not grab the attention as do toy soldiers . 

The Athenians surprised the Spartans asleep in their camps and caused heavy casualties , the Spartans counterattacked and caused severe losses on the Athenians , but the damage had been done and a flanking attack with the Spartan cavalry was driven off and the Athenians won 4-3 . A lot closer than I first thought . So the Athenians as in history win and take the lead . The second battle coming up soon .

Friday, 27 September 2019

Border Clash (part1)

I've been on holiday in N. Wales last week with nice weather and at home doing day trips in not so nice weather this week so I've not had much chance for any tabletop action or painting . Today being especially damp I decided to set up a small game using my 30mm Ancient flats and Don Featherstone's rules . I gave each unit a playing card then shuffled them and dealt 3 cards per side to determine the forces  , the game will last for 8 moves .

The Hyperborian force under Count Belissarius consisted of the 1st Thurn infantry , the 1st Gwalur infantry .

And the newly renovated Hyperborian Mounted Archers .

The Hyrkanian force commanded by General Thalis is lead onto the table by the newly re-based Fort Ghori Horse , the 3rd Imperial Guards and the 1st Imperial Archers have yet to move onto the table . Let battle commence ......

Sunday, 22 September 2019

The Horror ! .

We've been on holiday to Anglesey in North Wales and the weather was brilliant and we did lots of walking , the only slight 'downer' was that I forgot to take any reading matter with me , so I  ended up perusing  the books in our hired cottage . There was the usual selection of dog eared paperbacks - you always get an Agatha Christie and a James Herriot or two - but I was surprised to see this book 'Teach Yourself  Books - Algebra' . This brought a shudder to my soul ! - I was taught Algebra at school in the late 1960's , I was in the 'A' stream and so was thought worthy to be given this dubious privilege , it was taught by no lesser personage than the Headmaster Mr Foss and it blighted my life and set in place a scheme to leave education as soon as I could . The book was originally published in 1942 (you would have thought they would have had other thing on their minds ?) and brought back painful memories , it is a tribute to the teaching skills of Mr Foss that I did remember the odd thing about the subject when dipping into the book (removing brackets ! - why?). I can say that I'm not aware of ever using Algebra in the next 50 years and have felt much better for it ! . It was obviously a work of love by the author P. Abbot who wrote very enthusiastically on the subject in the forward - but who would want to teach themselves Algebra ? . I carefully replaced the book next to the James Herriot's and left it for the next visitors to muse over.