Saturday, 13 October 2018

An Aside .

I do like plastic figures and am fascinated by the many sets that are out there , gone are the days of converting the 'Airfix' Guardsmen into the required army . A quick glance at the Plastic Soldier Review site* and you find everything you want is covered  . So when I saw this box of Etruscans I was intrigued - I've always been interested in them as they always seem to play second fiddle to the Romans . I thought 'how to use them ?' - I've been playing a bit of  'Songs Of Blades And Heroes' (SOBAH) using fantasy figures recently and think the rules are so easy that they can cover historical periods as well .

The figures are rather nice with very little flash (the bane of all plastics) and are produced by "Linear-A" a German company I believe , There are 30+ figures in the box and I cleaned up some of them and mounted them on pennies ready for spraying . I'm going to use SOBAH with about eight to a dozen figures a side for small skirmishes , cattle raids  etc and am rather looking forward to painting them - it's a while since I did any ancient figures so I put some up once I get them going . (click on photos to enlarge)

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Old School Meets New .

I have got my copy of 'Black Powder' version 2 and decided to try it out using my newly re-based Spencer Smith figures and with the aid of  my wargaming colleague  'A' . Having glanced through the new book not much has changed and certain things explained better.

I set the terrain up and deployed the Austrians , the Prussian have to deploy on the other side of the river and cross and exit the board on one of the roads opposite .

The Austrian Commander and female 'companion' (had he paid more attention to his battle plan and less on the fairer sex he would have maybe done better).

The Prussian General unencumbered by girlfriend.

'A' deploys his troops and in the first couple of moves things do not go well for him - rolling two blunders and a series of poor command rolls , things were looking rosy for the Austrians .

Then things started to unravel, the leading Prussian battalion opened fire at close range and scored triple sixes ! - not good in any set of rules for the target  .

The Austrian battalion is shaken with excessive casualties and fails its moral test and flees ! . The Austrian left flank was overwhelmed and driven back finally leaving the table.

'A' is triumphant ! and mocks my discomfort !.

The Prussian cavalry cross on the right bridge and dominate the centre of the table having driven off the Austrian cavalry. Notice they are deployed directly in front of the Austrian artillery who couldn't hit a barn door ! .

The Prussian right flank Brigade having driven off the enemy move forward to capture the road exits and the objective of the game. After a poor start the Prussian attacks went home and the Austrians failed to respond thence losing the game. The game played in about one and half hours over seven moves and as always 'Black Powder' delivered . In the heat of the action we forgot about looking for any difference in the rules which I'm going to read through properly now.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Prussian Fusilier Command .

Having got two of the three companies of the Prussian Fusilier Regiment Prinz Heinrich Von Prussia done I decided to do the Colour bearers and an Officer for the second in command . I have chosen to use the standard bearers with cast flags as with my other units , the only problem is with the more Prussian type figures they have the flags folded and you have to work out where the various bits of flag design go . After a couple of attempts I think I have got it right .

I had a discussion with my 'wargaming colleauge' 'A' about how I feel I don't play with my toys enough and so I said I will set up and play a game or games every week for the rest of the year (I'm lucky enough to have a gaming room so things can be left mid-game) . To record this I have added a side-bar to my blog in case they don't actually appear on the blog itself . 

Sunday, 30 September 2018

A Pleasant Mornings Work.

I usually have batches of figures  based and undercoated ready for painting and I found I have finally got the last lot done so I had to consider what to get ready next . I have several project on the go but I thought I would get some more plastic ACW figures done for my 'Sharp Practise' games , I had bought two boxes of Perry plastic infantry and set to gluing the next two units up. A lot of wargamers are not keen on plastics but I like them , they're cheap and I find putting them together very therapeutic - takes me back to making model aircraft in my youth .

The Confederate unit done , I have completed a Union group as well , I'm going to undercoat them with black spray when it stops raining outside and will start painting them next week giving myself a break from all the re-basing I've been doing.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

First Fruits .

Have got a production line started for my re-basing , I put the figure in a vice and tap the penny they are based on CAREFULLY ! minding your fingers and the figure and the figure comes away .

I then clean up the figure base and glue them to the new MDF base . I am doing Prussian and Austrian units alternatively and will get enough done for a small scenario using 'Test Of Honour' rules.

My first two Austrian battalions portraying the Regiment Sachsen-Gotha . I found a couple of 'match pots' of the colour I used to paint the table so decided to use this on the bases .

They form line to protect a vital bridge . I'm pleased with the speed I'm getting through these figures and soon will have enough for a game .  

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

The Mother Of All Re-Basing .

Now I hate re-basing , I've mention this several times before - but sometimes 'a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do'.  My 30mm Spencer Smith SYW figures have been languishing in their boxes for too long , they hardly get used and I've decided that my 40mm home cast Syw-ish collection scratches my single figure based battles itch . So I'm going to re base them ! , a mass of MDF bases have been purchased  and here is the first unit glued up . I'm turning my large forty plus regiments into two smaller battalions each of twenty figures on five bases these can be used for 'Test of Honour' and 'Black Powder' and put back together for 'big battalion' games . I will report on progress …….

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Something Old - Something New .

Not wargaming related at all , but the reason for a halt in figure production - we have a new hen house . It came as a flat pack (very quickly - ordered and delivered in three days !) and proudly boasted it slotted together in twenty minutes ! - well I've heard these sort of boasts before - BUT to my great surprise I got it together in under the allotted time - even with the dog helping ! 

The old coup awaiting being turned into fire wood . It has done very well but it would not have seen another winter through and because of the good summer weather is infested with Red Mite - the bane of the hen keepers life and has taken constant cleaning to keep them at bay (unsuccessfully ).

The new one being plastic is easier to keep clean , I plan to raise it up on some brickwork when I get some sand and cement and clean up some of my existing bricks , then their food can be put out of the weather underneath it . Sorry for the rather scraggly hen - she's in moult and not looking her best - I'm hoping she and her fellows take to it and go to bed without a fuss tonight - now back to toy soldiers !.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Getting There ! .

Well I've got the second company of the Prussian Fusilier Regt. Prinz Heinrich Von Prussia .finished and have just been giving them a coat of varnish , this means my backlog of undercoated figures has been finally completed ! - what next to do? 

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Does Anybody Have ..............

A spare Maid Marion ?  , I am wanting to portray Mrs Fanny Duberly of Crimean War fame for my plastic Crimean War project . I've been looking for a suitable figure in 20mm for some while and finally came across this figure riding side saddle which I think with a bit of tinkering could be made to work. 

Here is a photo of this distinguished lady . I have in the distant past had this set of figures and sadly long gone . Does anybody have one spare ? , I will of course pay a suitable fee and postage , I can be contacted on - 

Sunday, 9 September 2018

We've Been On Holiday.

We've been for a weeks holiday in Northumberland staying on the coast at the small village of Beadnell , in the past we have camped but as we get older a comfortable bed indoors seems more appealing (plus the dog would run riot on a camp site !) . Here we see Bamburgh Castle looking moody and the Farne Islands on the left in the distance.

Think I posted this shot from this location  before but it is one of my favourites , Dunstanburgh Castle looking rather ragged - the years have not been kind to it and very much the ruin now.

At some point in the week me and Charlie past the 750 mile point on our way to 1000 mile challenge .

Mrs K looking windswept on Lindesfarne .

The weather was changeable ! - Beadnell beach .

Moody sky - Embelton Bay with Dunstanburgh in the distance .

I came across this small WW2 pillbox slowly being overwhelmed by the duns (it was full of sand) there are pillboxes at regular intervals all along this coast but this was a very small one - you would have only got a couple of men in it - the dog is for scale !.

NO ! this is NOT what it looks like ! it is me replenishing my store of fine sand which I occasionally use for basing figures and unfortunately had no other receptacle to put it in - I was careful NOT to get it mixed up ! 

This is my attempt to capture on film the only remaining piece of Hadrian's Wall in Newcastle ' it's on a busy dual carriageway and is only about 30 yds long and two courses of stones high - but it has survived ! . My wife was less than impressed and refused to stop the car (being a gal she doesn't understand these things !) . For the Hadrian's Wall nerds (like me) it is the broad wall on the broad foundation - very interesting - half way across the country the found out it was going to cost to much and swapped to a narrower wall - I shall dismount from my 'hobby horse' now . ( there's a jolly interesting bit of narrow wall on a wide foundation near Chollerford ! - okay I'll stop it !).

Friday, 7 September 2018

Onna Bugeisha.

These figures have been sat in the 'corner of shame' awaiting being painted for a while , so I'm very pleased with myself having finally got around to getting them done . I always find it hard to paint female figures and Japanese females even more so , the delicate  faces and dress is a challenge to get right . Again I have borrowed the colour schemes from the 'Warlord' miniature site .

Sunday, 2 September 2018

The Lure Of Old School. (Part 2)

As usual with these battles I get carried away with the action and forget to take photos , so the course of this battle is a bit disjointed . Here we see the 20th Foote reaching the crest of the hill and pouring fire down onto the French - but receiving casualties in turn .

The Uhlans charge the Prussian Hussars but are broken and rout back . (they rolled double 1's - bad news in any set of rules) General Camembert fails to  rally them ! .

The situation after the cavalry melee, the centre of the French force is broken and is of great concern to General Camembert .

The gap means the left company of the Orleans has to swing round to cover the open flank.

On the extreme right flank the French Artillery fails to cause any serious casualties on the advancing Brunswickers .

They charge and capture the field piece ! (don't leave your artillery unsupported). Due to circumstances I had to stop the battle there , but it was starting to look like an Allied victory , the French hold the village and the Regt. Du Roi is holding it's own against the British foot , but the Allies can exploit the broken centre . Another interesting battle , the French were a bit unlucky with their initial set up and perhaps would have been better acting more defensively .

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

The Lure Of Old School .

I usually have a game set up to play , but this week my table has been gathering rubbish, books and boxes of figures - so I had a good clear up and wondered - what to play !? . After a think and a cup of tea (and biscuits) I decided on my old favourite - 40mm SYW(ish) . Here we see the Allied Commander The Duke of Cumberland (Fat Billy) and his somewhat slimmer Aide.

I set some terrain up and used the contents of the first box I came across for the Allies (on the left) and diced for their set up positions using the old Featherstone formula - 1-left flank, 2 - left centre, 3 - centre, 4 - right centre , 5 - right flank , 6 - in reserve . The Allies have the British 20th Foote , the Brunswick Regt. Von Zastrow and a company of Prussian Fuziliers (newly painted) and the Prussian Hussars Regt. Reusch

The French Commander The Duke of Camembert (left) watch a unit of Ulhans speed down the road aiming for the Allied centre. The other units in the French army are Regt. Du Roi , Regt. Orleans and a gun and crew. Again I diced for their deployment positions as I did with their enemy.

The rules being used are my old favourites Batailes de l Ancien Regime.

The French Regt. Du Roi deployed in column of companies  , with the Regt. Orleans behind the village , the artillery is on the extreme right flank beyond them .

There is some confusion as the Regt. Orleans have to manoeuvre around the village to find ground to deploy . too their left the Regt. Du Roi deploy into line.

First blood to the Allies ! , the 20th Foote deploy into line and the left company 'gives fire' on the Uhlans as the move down the road. 

The situation at the end of the second move, The French are struggling to gain space to deploy as the Allies form line and the Brunswickers move around the wooded  hill on the upper right of the photo to flank the enemy . The game will be 15 moves long and I will report on it's progress in due course...…..