Monday, 2 June 2014

Saxon Debacle .

To try out my new Saxon force I set up a game using 'Charge'. The Saxon force is marching to link up with the French when they are intercepted by a Allied raiding party of 2 units of light cavalry and 3 infantry companies .
They Saxons march down the road lead by the Von Schill  Hussars .
The Saxon CinC  Hans Von Dunnerdorf cheers his men on as a farmer watches in awe of the newly painted figures .
The Allied commander Von Scheither with 2 companies of the Hanoverian Legion Britannique . The count as militia .
The Saxon Hussars deploy as the Allied cavalry move forward.
The Liebgrenadiergardes deploy .
The Hussars clash - the Saxon's had the advantage here as the Prussian 'Black' Hussars had not had time to deploy but a series of very poor dice rolls meant that the melee went into a second turn.
The melee escalates as more cavalry reinforce the clash - and the Saxon's lose and retreat ! - Oh dear the first of a series of disappointments for the Saxons . The old wargaming theory that newly painted units always do poorly in their first battle was coming true !
Von Scheither's cavalry charge a company of Saxons deploying before they can shoot and scatter them ! - Opps !.
With half their force in retreat the Saxons try to redeploy .
The dastardly Legion Britannique move forward to attack.
Carnage ! a series of close range volleys cut the Saxon right company to pieces and force them to retreat ! . The Allied  forces rolled double 6's !. The Saxon's on the other flank took revenge on The Allied cavalry driving them off with a volley and winning the melee.
With his force in disorder and casualties mounting Von Dunnerdorf decides to retire from the field . Not the most auspicious start to the Saxon war effort and proving once again that newly painted units ALWAYS  do badly in their first action!.

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