Friday, 20 June 2014

Leaders of Tin Men.

Originally posted on 04/07/12

Having got a number of ready cast mounted officers off EBay I decided to paint up a couple to command my regiments. I added longer wigs using 'green stuff' filler . I may attempt more drastic conversions on the next ones - changing the head and arm positions maybe .

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  1. They look good - I'm intrigued that a Big Wig is, after all, a sign of seniority! - I hadn't really pondered that before.

    I identify with your wish for variety in the command figures - I'll happily recruit hundreds of identical marching o/r in my units (because that's what soldiers do), and they'd better be all in step, or they get switched into another regiment until they are. Identical generals or senior officers are less satisfactory - for some reason I might be better not to explore, I prefer my commanders to have some kind of identifiable personality, which is easier if they look different - I've spent a lot of hours swapping and swivelling heads, switching horses, attaching waved sword arms etc.

    Customising officers is a great industry - my compliments! - I shall continue to follow your adventures.