Monday, 2 June 2014

Fre Husaren Von Schill.

It has taken me longer than I thought to finish off these Hussars , the problem being the yellow paint for their coats . My old pot of Games Workshop yellow having gone solid I purchased a Vallejo paint to replace it , but it would not cover the black undercoat I was using - probably something technical to do with pigments - so I had to brave our local Games Workshop to get another 'Sunburst yellow' or whatever they call it now.
I'm pleased with the results now and this is the first unit of the Saxon contingent to help the French - the Frei Husaren Von Schill. I am planning to do a infantry unit as soon as I get some figures cast up.
I did a conversion job on one of the figures to convert him into a trumpeter . I carefully cut away his pistol and glued a Irregular 42mm Figures trumpet into his hand and added modelling putty to cover up any scars . There does not seem to be any details on the musicians for this regiment so I gave him different coloured fur on his Pelisse and lacing on his sleeves. 

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