Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Small Victories !

In my battle against Blogger I've had a bit of luck - I've found I can cut and save my posts from my now defunct former site of 'Tin Soldiering On' --- so over the last evening or 2 I've saved as drafts all my original posts on my 40mm SYW project , this was a fraught job with much bad language as I lost things in the 'either' or wherever thing go when they suddenly disappear from a computer !. However its done and I have 70 odd posts to re-post , I will be doing this in chronological order  a few ever week till they are all published . Fear not I have NOT forgotten H.G. Wells and his adventures and the first game is on the table as we speak.To start the ball rolling I've found this item which I think never got published-

A 40mm Conversion Painted.

Due to circumstances in 'real life' I have only got half of the new Grenadier company painted and varnished , however I did get the Officer conversion done . Here my attempt at a 'atmospheric' photo.




  1. The use of "Labels" (which you ARE using) does help immensely in terms of searching for different subjects. Thank you, sir.

    -- Jeff

  2. Good news. I often use your blog as a reference for inspiration, so it will be great to access all your old posts again.