Monday, 2 June 2014

In Memoria.

I was contacted by Graham Cummings from the 'A Military Gentleman' Forum asking me if I would like some 40mm Prince August SYW figures that belonged to his friend Lee Maxwell who had sadly died , I was overwhelmed by this kind offer and said that I would be honoured to accept these figures and give them a good home .

They arrived today , the figures are beautifully painted in a 'toy soldier' style . With these figures there are enough unpainted figures to form 2 new regiments to enhance my collection.

I would like to thank Graham and pass on my condolences to Lee Maxwell's family and hope I can do these figures justice in future games . I will be re-basing the figures and painting the rest up in a similar style to match them , the first unit will be the French Regiment Orleans and I will post reports on my progress 

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