Wednesday, 11 June 2014

H.G. Wells and the Temple of Doome (part 2)

As H.G.Wells and his party dash to the scene of the action  the opposing forces have already moved into position to capture the 'Olde Chapel' (in the centre of the table) . The Treborian forces are moving up the road on the middle right , the Ferraro Rochaian's top centre.

The Treborian force of 2 units of the 20th Infantry and a gun are headed by the 'Alicia' Dragoons.

The Ferraro Rochain force is lead onto the table by the 5th Gendarmes . The rest of their force is made up of Prince Karlse Infantry Regt. and The Duke of Slovenia's Regt. plus an artillery piece.

The 'Olde Chapel' the objective for both forces.

The rules and chance cards which will adjudicate the battle.

The Treborian Dragoons dismount and move forward to the chapel .

The Gendarmes dash to the objective - but unfortunately have to draw a chance card - which sends them on a detour !

The situation at the end of the third move . In the centre the Treborian Dragoons are supported by the infantry , the Ferraro Rochain Gendarmes wander round the side of the hill misdirected by the chance card.

The Treborian's deploy and move the artillery forward .

Velkro directs the commander of Prince Karlse Regt. to capture the chapel.

The 'Alicia' Dragoons approach the 'Olde Chapel' .

The Gendarmes dismount and form a skirmish line to halt the Treborian infantry.

The Treborian artillery opens fire with dramatic effect ! - The Duke of Slovenia's Regiment is hit hard !.

But their triumph is short lived - two perfect shots from the Ferraro Rochain gun knocks out the gun and crew !.

Next its the Treborians who draw a chance card - the CinC is beset by a party of Suffragettes - no movement for 1 turn till he persuades them to leave !. Too be Continued.......


  1. Gripping stuff. I look forward to more good shooting from the Treborians.