Sunday, 29 June 2014

Scheither's Freikorps

(Originally posted on 30/07/12)

One of the problems with buying job lots of molds off EBay is that you sometime end up with molds you would not have chosen to buy yourself. I'm not a great fan of figures firing , I much prefer advancing or marching figures as these look better in most situations . So when I  got a mold with a kneeling and standing firing figure  I wondered what to do with them .

Whist perusing Osprey's 'Frederick the Greats Allies' I came across Scheither's Freikorps which had mounted Carabiniers , Grenadiers, Jaegers and Artillery - a sort of mini army . I decided to use the firing figures as the Jaeger company .

I am planning to add a gun and crew and maybe the Carabiniers but at the moment the camping gas cylinder has run out so further casting is being held up till a new one can be purchased.

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