Monday, 2 June 2014

This Is What I'm Going To With Them !

Uncle Toby explains to Corporal Trim how you make gabions out of hair curlers . I was wanting  some gabions  and the ones cast from metal are horridly expensive as they do take a lot of it. So I thought I would look around for a cheaper alternative . In the distant past I can remember my mother and sister doing home perms with vile liquid that made your eyes smart and using hair curlers , these I thought might be suitable. A EBay search revealed you can still get them - very cheaply, so to my wife's alarm I  ordered some (I  believe she thinks I'm at a funny age for men !)('a funny age for men- between 9 and 90' , my father used to say !) . They arrived promptly and I set to work !.
The Mark 1 fortification - having glued them to a piece of MDF  I wondered what to fill them with ? and decided on paper mache - this took ages to set ! luckily the weather was warm at the weekend and I put it in the sun to dry . Corporal Trim had thought of this problem but failed to alert the Engineers to the fact !
The gabions with a mortar and crewman behind it ready for spraying with black undercoat . Uncle Toby is impressed by the results so far and eagerly awaits the next step .

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