Monday, 2 June 2014

New Recruits

I've got the first company of the 18th Foote (Royal Irish) cast up and painted .

For the basic infantryman I used a older Holger Erikson casting from Prince August . The first reason is that I've got two of the moulds so casting is quicker and easier - rarely a miss cast ! , the other is that having very little surface detail they are easier to paint - you simply paint the details on. The uniform is 'correctish' and will do for me, the drummer should really have a mitre cap but converting him would be tricky as he is one of the older slimmer models .

I also have converted and painted three new General Officers . I got these in a job lot off eBay and they were damaged and were destined for melting down , then I noticed that Ross on 'Battle Game of the Month' had converted a cavalry trooper into a General - so I decided to copy him .

I added wigs and sashes and converted damaged weapons into batons . No names yet but from left to right - vaguely French, Prussian (with a passing resemblance of 'Ald Fritz') and British (looks a bit like the Duke of Cumberland).

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