Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Of The Naming Of Cats And Casting.

(Originally posted on the 23/05/12)

After much consideration it has been decided to re-name our new kitten . Alfred did not suit him and people had started shortening it to 'Alfy' making him sound like a character from 'Eastenders' (a program that annoys me greatly !). So with great deliberation it has been changed to 'Hodge'- after Dr Johnson's cat (the dictionary chappie-18th cent.) , here he is seen overseeing the painting of a 40mm standard bearer- his knowledge of the 18th century British for a young chap is impressive.

Got some more figures painted and a drummer and standard bearer.

I have mounted them on 30mm x 30mm bases to add stability .

I am going to do some French figures using a different mold to try out colour schemes. I am thinking of using 'Charge' but with a slightly altered organisation

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