Sunday, 8 June 2014

H.G Wells and the Temple of Doome (part1)

The war between Treboria and Ferraro Roccai still drags on with neither side willing to concede and the Paris peace talks have failed yet again ( this time over a disagreement about the colour of the wallpaper in the conference room - last time it was the shape of the table ! ). Both side cannot really afford to continue the war and some method of breaking the deadlock is sought . The Ferraro Roccain military have got word through their secret service of a powerful ancient 'artifact' that will aid their cause .

The spy Matahari bring word to Captain Velkro that clues to the whereabouts of this 'artifact' are hidden in a derelict chapel on the borders of the two warring countries - so a force is quickly dispatched to capture and control it.

But word also reaches Inspector Zapp of the Treborian police as to the movement of troops on the border and he is suspicious - especially when he finds out that Velkro is involved ! . He was talking to H.G. Wells at the time about his forthcoming book 'Small Battles' and they were puzzling over the problems of including a points system . H.G. insists he comes as well !.

But as they are about to mount the steam driven 'Z' Carriage - a figure approaches ! - H.G. is not pleased , he finds his cousin somewhat boorish !  . As Orson is photographing the war for the Treborian Propaganda Ministry they are forced to give him a lift to the site of the action ! Too be continued ........


  1. I am awaiting further reports, sir.

    -- Jeff

  2. This is going to be entertaining.......looking forward to more.