Friday, 13 June 2014

Spoils of EBay ( and Hayfever )

Originally posted on the 26/06/12

Been off work today with Hay fever - thought I was going to get away this year without being struck down (as a Hay fever sufferer I'm very happy with our abysmal summer so far !) . The problem with my affliction is that it goes for my eyes - making them itch . The annoying thing is this makes it difficult to read and paint figures ! . Having got some eye drops from the doctor I sat around waiting for them to work, wondering what to do - when 2 large parcels were dropped off by the postman !.

Huzza ! they were 2 items on EBay I had successfully bid for and in my sufferings had forgot about .(my wife leaning over my shoulder reading this, muttered something about - 'melodramatic' !?) One order was mainly molds, 5 in all and various bits of casting gear , the other 2 molds and a couple of soap boxes full of cast figures !, some of which I will melt down again, but there are enough 'advancing' figures to make up the bulk of the rank and file for one of my SYW  regiments .

I was so pleased I arose from my sick bed and tried out a couple of the molds - a cannon - the wheels are notoriously bad to cast  (took 4 goes to get them right) and a couple of gunners, seen above inspecting their new piece . To my great relief the rain has started, as witnessed by the above photo so hopefully it will damp down the pollen - now then were are my paintbrushes !.


  1. How about this year (2014) for hayfever.....bloody terrible. I'm frantically doing rain dances and getting cross with customers commenting on how wonderful the weather is.

  2. Bothering me again - Oh for a wet summer !!!!!!