Monday, 2 June 2014

Revenge Of The Saxons (Parte Two)

The Armies deploy , the Allied Jaegers threaten the French right but the French Hussars drive off the Allied Carbineers ( I forgot to photo this triumph).
But here's the result ! by the time they had reorganised the game had ended .
The Hanoverian Legion Britannique forms a line .
The French/Saxons move up , the Saxon Garde are covered by the French Chasseurs De Sombreuil .

A closer view of the Chasseurs.
The Legion opens fire at long range on the deploying Saxons .
The Chasseurs charge the Jaegers and the Hussars charge the right flank company of the Legion. - both melees are won by the Allies !.
A closer view of the action on the left flank.
The Leib Garde Grenadiers form up under heavy fire .
With the threats to their flanks seen off the Allies turn their attention onto the Saxons .
Although they gallantly return fire the Saxon Garde suffer heavy casualties and are forced to retire as the other units of their force are scattered . A victory once again for the Allies ! . The French High Command are now thinking that the Saxon LeibGarde are one of those unfortunate units that will never triumph on the gaming table ! - we will have to see !?.

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