Saturday, 21 June 2014

First Contact in 40mm (Part2)

Originally posted on 16/07/12

The French leading company moves up the road and receives a volley from the British grenadiers.

They return fire - far more effectively as well !

The situation at the end of the fifth move .

The rear French company lets off a devastating volley which crushes the British companies morale.

They decide discretion is the better part of valour !  and head for the woods !.

On the other flank the British grenadiers morale begins to crack as well ! (The British forces in this game showed a sad inability to hit anything - Lt Grant was heard to blame damp powder).

Lt. Col. Barker has to rally the retreating grenadiers !.

But another French volley lays him low !. and the British leave the table carrying their wounded leader with them .

The end of the game , the British forces scattered and the French move their captured livestock off the table in triumph . A sad day for the British army !.

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