Monday, 30 June 2014

New Figures for my O.S. FPW Project.

I have been busy adding a few bits and pieces to my Old School Franco-Prussian War project . Firstly a 21cm Krupp Mortar - this is really for sieges and I think will only be an objective marker in games .

Next the first batch of my Franc-Tireurs , these are Foundry figures, as Spencer Smith don't do them at present . They are a similar size but a bit chunkier , but as they will be in a separate unit this will not matter.

A size comparison. - the Spencer Smith Officer (right) is slightly taller and thinner, whilst the Foundry is chunkier. I plan to 'import' my O.S. FPW bloggings from my now defunked  blog to this one in the future - when I get around to it .


  1. Excellent new additions to your gaming.Pity not to use the mortar though...

  2. What great figures (I really like the mortar) and the Foundry figures paint up nicely in an old school style.