Sunday, 24 May 2015

Wheeling And Dealing .

One of the advantages of going away on holiday is that it allows me to sort of step back from the hobby and think about where I'm going with it , I tend not to do much 'navel gazing' on the subject but now and again it focuses my mind to what I want to do in the future. I decide there were certain figures and rules I was not going to use again and announced to my circle of wargaming colleagues that they were for sale/swap and was pleased to say that there was much interest shown !. I managed to dispose of a few boxed games and several collections of figures , one of the deals struck was with wargaming colleague 'A' which resulted in me becoming the proud new owner of his 'Wellington in India' collection . Its not often I buy painted figures but was very impressed with his rendition of this period .

The collection is mainly made up of 15mm Minifigs and a few FreiKorp figures thrown in , above are some of the Mahratta regular infantry and battalion guns . They had quite a few battalions of these well trained by the French and commanded by them .

They have an impressive array of artillery as well. 

They have lots of poor quality light cavalry .

They also have some slightly better quality regular cavalry .

The British have East India Company Sepoy regiments and a couple of British regular battalions .

They have a good selection of artillery pieces which were allocated to individual units as battalion guns and to the cavalry as 'gallopers'.

The British have mainly EIC cavalry with only one regular British unit . They are based up for use with 'Black Powder' and 'A' kindly supplied me with his home crafted 'playsheet' with the 'stats' for the troop types. There is also the inevitable box of unpainted miniatures  (which no collection is complete without !) that will enable me to expand the armies . I very pleased with my new period and have started reading Jac Weller's 'Wellington in India' to gain more insight into this interesting period.


  1. It is great to already have painted armies when starting a new period . . . you can game with them right away while your interest and research are fresh.

    Well done, sir.

    -- Jeff

    1. Yes I'm half way through my second game already, Tony

  2. Great addition to the collection..... good dealing and wheeling.

    1. Sometimes you get lucky !, Tony

    2. Sounds like good deal to me.
      Don't forget Sharpe's Tiger!

    3. Must read it - forgot about his involvement in the period !, Tony