Friday, 1 May 2015

More Lion Rampant Units .

This week I've been busy painting up another couple of Lion Rampant units  . The first is a unit of mounted Sergeants , I'm painting each unit with it's own colour scheme so they can be mixed and matched within the two forces . 

The next are a unit of crossbowmen - foot units have 12 figures in them .

I've also done my first personality leader figure , this is a Trent miniatures 'King John ' painted as Richard De Montfitchet . I've also got some more figures ready for basing and varnishing so I'll soon be able to put on a small game .

Whilst all this painting has been going on, as a total contrast - I've been playing with my 'X Wing' Star Wars models. The perfect 'open the box' and play game.


  1. Excellent shiny work. Montfichet looks suitably villainous.