Friday, 15 May 2015

The Curious Case of H.G. Wells and the El-Gin Marbles (Finale)

Treborian reinforcements charge into the enemy to save the day .

A vicious melee takes place - and the Fetaland infantry is forced to retire .

The Fetaland Artillery hits the Steam Coach and blocks the road.

The Fetaland artillery's shooting improves - just as it runs out of ammo !.

The Fetaland infantry reform , but are now out numbered .

With their forces having taken heavy casualties the Fetaland forces decide to fall back . The El-Gin Marbles are safe ! .

H.G.Wells and Polly Perkins are safe, although a little shaken !. Inspector Zapp leads them to safety.

Inspired by their adventure H.G. Wells falls into discussion with Inspector Zapp .

The Inspector is a keen collector of Miniature Figurines .

And that is how H.G. Wells came to write ' Small Wars'
'Little Wars'


  1. Great to read these exciting posts again and find the origin of Little Wars.

    1. I enjoyed playing these games a lot , I took the opportunity to improve the photo captions as well . Strange but this episode his life is missing from his biographies !? , Tony