Sunday, 3 May 2015

Bloodbath At The Shrine Of Saint Winifred.

Having got three units per side painted , a total of 12 points each force (half the size of a normal game) I decided it was time to try out the rules .

I thought I would play 'Bloodbath' as this was the simplest of the scenarios and ideal to try the rules out  . The shrine of St. Winifred with Brother Cadfael in attendance . 

The crossbowmen of Richard De Montfitchet's Retinue (4 points)

The archers (4 points)

The mounted Serjeants with Richard De Montfitchet attached (4 points).

Robert De Vere and his mounted Men at Arms (6 points).

The dismounted Men at Arms (6 points).

The first move and the Men at Arms cross the bridge followed slowly by the dismounted ones .

The enemy move forward across the table .

On the second move the dismounted Men at Arms failed to move (failed dice throw to activate) , but the mounted ones continue down the road.

The archers shoot at the Knights needing 5+ to hit and get 6 hits - as the Knights have a armour value of 4 this only causes 1 casualty ( the other 2 hits are lost ).

The Men at Arms pass their morale test !.

They charge into the mounted Serjeants who manage to counter charge them.

The dice are thrown ( both sides use their attack factors ) and the Men at Arms cause 2 hits ( the white dice ) on the Serjeants who have a armour value of 3 and receive 1 hit in return - armour value of 4.

The Serjeants have to retreat because they took the most casualties .

The Serjeants retreat , but both sides pass their morale tests .

Next activation  Richard De Montfitchet and the Serjeants charge and the Knights pass their test and counter charge and cause 3 hits on the poor Serjeants ( Richard manages to avoid being hit ) and cause 1 hit in return .

The archers shoot at the Knights but fail to cause enough hits to get a casualty .( only 2 - would have needed 4 - the Men at Arms armour value to remove a figure ).

Enraged they charge the archers  !.

The Men at Arms only throw 6 dice now having reached half strength and kill 2 of the archers . The archers throw 12 and get a hit on the Knights ( white dice - 4 dice = 1 hit the other 2 are wasted).

The archers retreat and fail their morale roll and receive a 'battered' marker . However the Men at Arms roll a double 1 - fail their test disastrously and flee the battle field .

Next move the archers try to rally with the help of their leader - but fail it and retreat again - loosing a figure as well.

On the other flank the crossbowmen finally come into range of the slow moving foot Men at Arms - but fail to cause enough hits to remove a figure .

In this scenario when you drop below 5 units on the table you throw a dice every move and if you throw more than the number of units still on the table - the games ends and this is what happens, a win for the forces of  Richard De Montfitchet having destroyed the enemy mounted Men at Arms . With half forces it was always going to be a quick game but it played very well and I soon picked up the rules , although I forgot to give my leaders personality rolls . This game has inspired me to paint up more figures for the next game . All the figures are Crusader Miniatures except  Richard De Montfitchet (Trent Miniature) and Brother Cadfael ( Foundry). The shrine is a Dark Age building from '4 Ground ' .


  1. What a cracking game. The knights remind me of Timpo ones I had as a young boy, I think it is the coloured armour on some of the figures which looks really good. I must have a stab at a game myself as the rules seem simple enough for me to bother with.

    1. I know the plastic figures you mentioned - the rules once you start playing are simple enough , Tony

  2. Quick to table, looking good and an exciting little skirmish. Promising!

    1. Yes getting the figures on the table always inspires me to get more painted , Tony