Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A Bit Fiddly.

One of the first problems with 'Wellington in India' is the lack of command figures for the British . Everybody does mounted Napoleonic British Generals but nobody does a version of Wellington in his early career in India , the Officers didn't wear the cocked hat - it being far to hot and sunny and it seems they used wide brimmed hats in either felt or straw - as above . 'A' had been using some ordinary Minifigs British Generals but being a nerd and a glutton for punishment I decided to try and convert some. 

Years ago converting figures was a common practise but now you can get any figure you want people don't seem to do it as much . I noticed that there were a few spare British infantry in the box of unpainted figures 'A' had given me so I decided to cut off their heads and replace the mounted General's heads with them. A long time ago I can remember reading in the Airfix magazine that the best way to swap heads on figures was to cut a V down into the chest area on both figures as this ensures a better and stronger fit . So carefully with my trusty razor saw I started operating on a couple of figures as seen in the above figures - Wellington (blacked up ready for painting), a Brigadier (same head but the plume removed) , a Aide De Camp (was carrying bicorne hat - but I replaced it with a 'Green stuff' one) and in the front one of the donor figures . This was rather fiddly and I wouldn't want to repeat it on a large number of figures but I think it will be worth it when I get them painted up.


  1. Nice work! I remember doing a lot of 15mm conversions for my French Rev/West Indies armies, right up until Battle Honours and a slough of other's brought out ranges. I didn't get that fancy but then I did suffer from heads occasionally rolling. Thought it was just a period thing...

    1. Am limiting myself to Generals , Tony

  2. Tony

    I'm in Windermere for a couple of days, are you in this area?