Thursday, 31 July 2014

Silk Purses from Sow's Ears .

A few years ago I purchased off EBay a LARGE amount of plastic Spencer Smith ACW  plastic figures , rather cheaply as well and if I remember rightly belonging to  the renowned wargamer Stuart Asquith . My idea was to recreate the Battle of the Platteville Valley from Featherstones book and use his rules to play it . I have been slowly painting the armies up and am down to the last 2 infantry regiments to paint (got the other 10 done - but only 1 cavalry unit out of 4 ) , so when I came across the box of figures I thought I should at least get the infantry done ( actually the bottom of the box fell out and several hundred plastic figures cascaded to the floor ! which resulted in much blasphemy and having to find a new shoe box for them ). I started to clean them up - and remembered why it had taken so long to get this project finished , they being plastic have mould lines that need removing - a lot of them have been painted - or started being painted by their previous owner and this has obscured the flash , I started cleaning them - it say something about my fortitude to get them finished and glued to coins . Hmm I'm sure they will look better once sprayed black !? .Too be continued............ P.S there are some strange colour schemes going on in this box !?

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  1. This should be good. I've always wanted to do some OS ACW myself.....