Thursday, 17 July 2014

Comte De Fru-Fru's New Coach.

After a struggle I have got General the Comte De Fru-Fru's coach built . The parts did not fit well together ! - there was much bad language and super glue on fingers . However it is completed and under coated ready for the Comte to decide what colour it is to be painted - there is much discussion on the subject !.

Voltaire's manservant 'Wee Jockie' has his own opinion on the subject of the coach - which he wisely keeps to himself !.


  1. The coach looks jolly good, I have to say - I look forward to seeing it back from the coachpainters. Does it have horses and crew or do you have to improvise these?

    I wasn't going to ask, but I need to know - what is it that Voltaire carries around with him - is it just a fancy walking cane?

  2. Yes it has 4 horses and a rider/coachman , Voltaire is carrying a rather fancy walking cane.

  3. The coach looks really good - what colour? perhaps purple with orange embellishments :)