Monday, 28 July 2014

Aides de Camp.

Whilst sorting out my 40mm SYW-ish figures I decided my armies command groups looked a bit sparse - just the CinC and another mounted Officer , so I thought I'd add a dashing Aide de Camp to each army. This of course enabled me to spend time searching through various Hussar uniforms to find a couple of exotic ones to paint up . The figure on the left above is a Officer of the Prussian Belling Hussars for the Allies and the one on the right a Russian of the Slobodskiy Regiment of Hussars to aid the French Commander. The figures are a couple of Nurnberger Meisterzinn figures I had left over slightly converted by cutting their swords away and filing to look like a dispatch being carried in the hand..


  1. Yes, very dashing and handsome figures.

    Best Regards,


  2. Figures have a charm and dash about them.
    best wishs

  3. like simple conversions - nice snazzy uniforms